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Panthers beat Franklin Broncos 44 to 41

Franklin 41, Charles City 44

Varsity Football Game on October 22, 2010

Charles City County Homecoming game vs. Franklin Broncos

Charles City celebrated its homecoming game with a dramatic win over the previously undefeated Franklin Broncos.

The Broncos got off to a fast start against the Panthers. It took just over a minute into the game when Franklin Runningback Martinez Hill ran into the endzone for a touchdown. The Broncos were up 8-0 after Hill also ran in the conversion. After the Panthers couldn’t get anything going on offense, the Broncos got the ball back and again wasted little time before their other main running back, Melquan Mitchell ran it in for a 25 yard TD. The broncos were up 15-0 after the extra point kick.

The Panthers would get the ball back again, but Panther standout Trevor Jones threw his first interception of the year right into the hands of Martinez Hill. A few plays later, Hill ran for another touchdown. A bad snap on the conversion kick resulted in a failed play, but Franklin was up big just 10 minutes into the game. The score was 21-0 for Franklin after the first quarter.

Charles City started to get things going in the 2nd quarter but they still couldn’t stop the Bronco’s offense. Charles City standout Trevor Jones started to turn it up a notch along with running back Joseph Tabb who had one of his best games of the year. Trevor Jones would end the drive with a 4 yard TD run and Tabb ran in the conversion to make the score 21-8.

Franklin answered right back with a long drive that ended on a 1 yard TD run by Melquan Mitchell. After the conversion failed, the Broncos were up 27-8.

Charles City got the ball back with less than 45 seconds left before halftime. Charles City was making progess when QB Trevor Jones got clear of the pass rushers and had an open field to run, but made a quick and good decision to throw the ball just before he crossed the line of scrimage. Jones’ 26 yard pass went over several Bronco defenders and into the hands of Dominick Barbour in the endzone for a TD. Joseph Tabb made a nice run with a spin move to break a tackle and get a sucessful two point conversion.

There were only 11 seconds in the game when Charles City kicked the ball off. Franklin speedster Justin Grant received the ball and made a good run to bring the ball back into Charles City territory at the 30 yard line with just one second remaining.

One the next play, Franklin QB Trey Kigler dropped back in the pocket and passed the ball to Prince Lockhart who made the reception at the one yard line. Lockhart was able to outjump several Panther defenders and as he was coming down he was able to get into the endzone for a touchdown with no time left on the clock. The score at halftime was Franklin 33, Charles City 16.

The Panthers came out with a vengance in the 3rd quarter. Avery Jones received the 2nd half kickoff and ran it 71 yards down the sideline for a touchdown. Joeseph Tabb made another 2 point conversion and the Panthers were now down 24 to 33.

The panthers defense stopped the Broncos on their next drive.

Charles City got the ball back and Trevor Jones led a quick drive that ended when he sprinted to the endzone on a 14 yard run. The conversion failed, but Charles City had cut the lead to 3 points. The score was now 30 to 33.

On the next drive, Franklin utilized Justin Grant on a reverse run and he was able to run it in from 53 yards out. Martinez Hill made the conversion run and kept the Broncos ahead with the score 40-30.

Charles City got the ball back and looked to continue its strong second half comeback attempt. During this drive,Trevor Jones was sacked by a swarming Bronco defense.

However, this seemed to just motivate Jones as ran for a 56 yard touchdown on the very next play.

Trevor Jones made a pass to Dominic Jones who was wide open in the endzone to compete the conversion attempt. The Panthers had again cut the lead, but were still down 40-38.

During the next drive, the Broncos were making progress and the 4 quarter had begun. Martinez Hill made a nice run for a first down.

On the next play, Hill went up the middle on a long run. As Hill was running, Charles City defenders Dominick Barbour and Terrance Banks were closing in from behind. Just as Hill was about to cross the goaline, Barbour was able to strip the ball out. Barbour and Banks recovered the ball for a touchback. This play proved to be very crucial and a big turning point in the game. Barbour had several forced fumbles during the game, but this one was the most important as it prevented another Bronco score late in the game.

Charles City drove down the field and it was capped off with another touchdown run by Trevor Jones. The conversion failed but Charles City had gained the lead for the first time. The score was now 44 to 41 in Charles City’s favor.

The Broncos got the ball back but by this time the momentum had shifted in Charles City’s favor as the homecoming crowd became involved and made it difficult for the Bronco’s offense to hear the snap count as Franklin committed several false start penalties in what was a rather low penalty game. The Broncos were ultimately stopped and Charles City got the ball back. From here, the Panthers easily ran the clock out to win an important Tri-Rivers district game against the Franklin Broncos who had been undefeated and ranked high in the state polls.

Charles City now has a record of 5-2 as Franklin goes to 7-1. The Panthers will travel to Sussex Central next week to face a very tough team with a potent offense.

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Game Summary

Franklin……… 21 12 8 0 = 41
Charles City… 0 16 22 6 = 44

Franklin – Martinez Hill 8 yard run (Martinez Hill run)
Franklin – Melquan Mitchell 25 yard run (Antone Bland kick)
Franklin – Martinez Hill 2 yard run (kick failed)
CC – Trevor Jones 4 yard run (Joseph Tabb run)
Franklin – Melquan Mitchell 1 yard run (run failed)
CC – Trevor Jones 26 yard pass to Dominick Barbour (Joseph Tabb run)
Franklin – Trey Kigler 30 yard pass to Prince Lockhart (run failed)
CC – Avery Jones 71 yard kickoff return (Joseph Tabb run)
CC – Trevor Jones 14 yard run (run failed)
Franklin – Justin Grant 63 yard run (Martinez Hill run)
CC – Trevor Jones 56 yard run (T. Jones pass to Dominic Jones)
CC – Trevor Jones 7 yard run (run failed)

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