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Charles City High School 1963

Yearbook pictures from the segregated school for Whites

Old Charles City High School and later the middle school in Charles City County

This is a picture of the old Charles City High School in 1963 when the schools in the county were segregated.  After various court battles, segregation ended in 1972 & this school became the Charles City County Middle School for children of all races.  But prior to this, Whites went to this school.   Blacks went to High School in Ruthville.  The Ruthville school also served as an elementary school along with the school on Barnetts Road which also served black elementary school students.  Indians from Charles City County and New Kent County went to school at the school for Indians on Lott Cary Road.  Nowadays the old school for whites is the main administrative building for Charles City County Government, the old Ruthville school is a gym and the school for Indians is the Samaria Baptist Church.








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